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Our Approach


“Alegría” is a Spanish word that means happiness and joy; a word we believe should describe any learning experience. Our first focus at Habla is on creating a safe and supportive learning environment where you will enjoy the challenge of learning a new language.

Language is one of our primary tools for communicating meaning. Therefore genuine communication should be at the heart of any language classroom. At Habla, we believe language provides a means of reaching a deeper understanding of a new culture. Habla’s teachers help you find the words you need to express yourself in a new cultural context while engaging in meaningful conversations in a new language.

Although Habla does offer explicit teaching of grammatical structures, the primary emphasis of Habla’s approach is to provide a space for students to refine their own voice in a new language. You will learn grammatical concepts by actually using them in conversations and by writing stories.

At Habla, students become aware of how language is embedded in a cultural context. Our students have the opportunity to encounter the literature, art, and photography of a culture, and to use these experiences to generate language in a creative and improvisational way.

Habla is not contained within its walls. It is a transregional center that builds partnerships between the local and international community. Through exhibits, performances, and workshops, our teachers and students, in Mexico and around the world, share their work and participate in community events.

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