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English For Kids

Research shows that the earlier students start learning English the more fluent they will be able to become later in life. Habla’s courses for kids focus on fostering a love of English and reading books. Children will learn English by creating in multiple art forms and exploring Habla’s extensive English library of children’s books. In each class, students will hear and read a story and then participate in a variety of art-making activities based on the story’s characters, vocabulary, and themes. Habla, while teaching English to students, also focuses on the fundamentals of literacy development—word recognition, phonics, and comprehension—that transfer over to learning to read in Spanish.

Habla offers courses for kids ages 5-11

Young people 12 years and older will be enrolled in Habla’s Courses for Teens.

Habla also offers a bilingual summer school for kids, The Creative Space.

Learning a new language is an exciting journey. Download the Habla Journey PDF here and visit us to continue your path towards fluency.

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