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English For Business

Habla offers business English classes for local businesses to help them:

• Develop effective client relationships with international partners.
• Gain the skills to make presentations in English for conferences or for client proposals.
• Learn how to communicate clearly and in culturally appropriate ways in English-speaking environments.
• Feel comfortable speaking and listening in English on a day-to-day basis.
• Collaborate with English-speaking clients on small and large-scale projects.

Habla can offer English classes on-site at businesses to better ensure a seamless working and learning environment. Classes can be tailored to individuals or small-groups.

Classes are designed to meet the specific levels of the client. Business English is divided into ten different levels from basic to advanced to ensure the specific needs of the individual learner are met. In addition to conversation and comprehension, Habla’s business English courses help clients develop the following skills: email communication, interviewing, client relations, cultural awareness, presenting, and use of business-related vocabulary.

Contact us at contact@habla.org for more information or to set up a meeting to design a program that will meet your needs.

Learning a new language is an exciting journey. Download the Habla Journey PDF here and visit us to continue your path towards fluency.

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