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In our beginning levels of English, our students find the words to describe themselves and the world around them. Students will hear and read poetry and stories in English and create their own original writing. Visual art, photographs, and film generate language in the classroom and provide a window into cultural learning. Grammar is taught with precision in order to supplement the larger goal of communicating and understanding language. By the end of the beginning level, students will be comfortable expressing themselves in English using the present, past, and future tenses.

At the intermediate level, Habla focuses on engaging students in conversations where they can feel comfortable talking about their lives and sharing their ideas. Students will also deepen their capacity to communicate in the language using complex vocabulary and more sophisticated structures. At this stage, students will exercise their new language capacities by writing in a wide range of genres and share their work with each other in a supportive classroom setting.

At the advanced level, students are certainly communicative in the language and are now interested in deepening their linguistic and cultural experience to a level of native fluency. In this class, students will participate in in-depth conversations about current issues and contemporary culture. Students will explore these issues through multimedia forms such as music, radio, film, photography, as well as various text genres. This course will advance fluent level conversation and writing necessary for professional and academic work.

Learning a new language is an exciting journey. Download the Habla Journey PDF here and visit us to continue your path towards fluency.

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